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天鄰代禱:九月一日 Pray for Hisfoundation 1st Sept 2013

Praise the Lord! 45 people(medical team & Ji Yuan wheelchair team members) arrived the hotel ~8:38pm (Sydney time).
Prayer points:
1) Thanks God for taking them passed thru custom smoothly
2) Pray for the set up clinic/preparation for tomorrow
3) Pray for Ji Yuan Wheelchair Team join the local with the assembly task tomorrow
4) Pray for An Yang Team will leave HK airport tomorrow
5) Please continue to pray for brothers/sisters' health
6) Please pray for the weather for the wheelchair team working outside and patients arriving hospital
7) Thanks God for providing them nice accommodation
8) Pray for the transportation as the hotel further away from hospital
Just know that the Aussie phonecard doesn't work over there, if needs contact Ji Yuan Wheelchair Team, please contact team leader: Doris, 15017611045
Good night and God bless!
HIS Foundation in Australia


为缅甸工场劳作的郭牧师George Kwek肠胃不适,请弟兄姊妹代祷。
Dear friends and loved ones,  I was totally knocked out yesterday with pretty severe diarhea and vomitting. I feel better today but still have some loose stools and a little chilly. As such I had to cancel my meetings with the different groups. This is missions trip - always have to be flexible.......



乒乓球競賽結果 table tennis competition result

P5250152 Hi Julian and Christyann,
 Thank you for organising the table tennis competition. It was a bonus that some non-christians (Peter and Rosanna) came to participate! I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves.
 So here the the results: (the names may be wrong, I'm doing those from memory...)
 Divison 1
 1st: English (Julian/Owen)
 2nd: Mandarin (Peter/Rosanna)

所有名次 read the full result



地點:Blakehurst High School。
Reminder: Table tennis competition this Saturday
time: starts 9am to 1pm.
Venue: Blakehurst High School



We give thank to our Heavenly Father for  guiding us through the Mission Expo.  It was a tremendous result with such as a big group of people turned up.  The total number was around 150 attendants.  Praise the Lord. We pray that all attendants were inspired by this event and will move forward to support and take part in the future mission work.





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