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天鄰代禱:九月十三日 Pray for Hisfoundation 13th Sept 2013


It has been our privilege to join the front line of God's army in Qinyang mission (2 wheelchair teams and medical team). Majority of us returned to Hong Kong since 7pm last night, except Helena Lau, June Lu, Dominica Wong; Margaret Wong, Roman & Janet Wu are continue their journeys in varies part of China. We all experience God's greatness and He touched everyone one of our hearts in this mission. He is our great leader of the mission and we learned to rely on Him alone, not our skills, not our well preparations, not any materials!!! God empowered us, helped us to serve as one, controlled of every single situation and difficulties we encountered because He is our greatest LORD. Though the intense 12 days is officially over, we still need your prayer support for our patients whom received surgeries, treatments and wheelchairs. We will have a team of six people return to Qinyang for ...

follow up to our patients to assess their healing of bones and wounds, upgrade their physiotherapy treatments and review their walking aids from 1 to 3 Nov 2013. Please continue to pray for their recovery especially wound healing and keep their wounds from infections and complications. And also pray for their quality of life are improving through these treatments and God's salvation upon their life and their families. Once again thank you for your faithful prayer support and be our teammates in this spiritual warfare. By the way, HIS Foundation will have another plastic surgery team depart to Indonesia on Sunday, Wendy Kung will also be in this team. I urge you pray for her especially she has a bit of cold over last 2 days, may God heals her quickly and empower her to continue to serve intensely next week. Yours little sister in Christ May Kwan on behalf of HIS Foundation in Australia



天鄰代禱:九月九日  Pray for Hisfoundation 9th Sept 2013
Dear All, Greeting from Qinyang, our busy schedule continue after we had a brief rest on Sunday. Few of us indeed are getting physically exhausting but amazingly both of our surgeons are keeping very well. Of course, this is our LORD empower both of them. It is very true that we are so little but HE is so great. Roman Wu's pain control is getting a bit better but still very sleepy. Betty Cheng & Winnie Fung are getting cough++ and sick. We have lots of patients discharge home since last week, this is very unusual for previous experiences however our wards are overcrowded since we have many patients need to admit for surgeries. Thus, we have to discharge those received surgeries on early last week in order to free some beds for the need. Please pray for - these patient's wound healing and free from infection and complication. - surgeries for next 2 days, may God give us order since we have many patients in and out of the operation rooms may cause some of the confusion between us. Grants us calmness and able to continue high quality of care though we are under pressure to provide treatments to many patients - pain control for all of our patients - Recovery of our team members from minor ...


sickness - Some of us had encountered invasion of mouse/ rats at our hotel rooms which cause some fear and definitely interrupting our quality resting time at night. May God help us to control these unfriendly visitors and give us peace because we have Him as our LORD, thus we have nothing to fear - we are going to provide a high protein free lunch for each of our patient and their family tomorrow, may those families receive these food can feel for the love of God and enjoy the food. - continue to provide us complete humbleness and unity in our team Have a peaceful sleep and sweet dream ^.^ Pray for Hisfoundation 6th Sept 2013


天鄰代禱:九月七日  Pray for Hisfoundation 7th Sept 2013Dear Everyone, Our medical team is so blessed to have energy to completed today work though we were extremely busy today, the last group of our team members left the hospital at 10:30pm. God indeed uphold us and He is the only God we can rely on. Roman has lots of pain today, need God's healing hand to heal him and relief his pain with medications. David, Ming and Yvonne will leave for HK tomorrow. Anyang medical team union with medical team at Qinyang but many of us didn't have chance to meet them as yet. Some of them will leave to HK tomorrow. Only Jim, Dora, Bonnie Yuen, Dominica and Margaret will stay with us. Many members of JiYuan team left us today to HK, Bonnie, Thieu and Sandra will stay with us till the end. We all will have worship at local church and rest time for the afternoon. Please continue to pray for 1. God taking care of our patients. Many of them still have lots of pain as many of the surgeries are rather complex surgeries. 2. Having a safety journey for those return to HK tomorrow. 3. Many of us can recharge and restore our energies before Monday and healing of our sick members esp. Roman. 4. Thanks God for the harmony of our teams, though we feel tired but we are very joyful with the opportunity to serve together. Good night everyone, and may we all worship our greatest God tomorrow and may HIS shine onto His people. Serving together in His Grace May from Qinyang HIS Foundation in Australia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

天鄰代禱:九月六日  Pray for Hisfoundation 6th Sept 2013

Our medical team had encountered many moderate difficulties on all levels, such as out of electricity at one of our operation theatre; difficulties in anaesthetic for one of our toddler patient; Roman, our Physio has shingle from stress; YK (surgeon) has difficulties to rest and sleep, a few patients have some minor issues post-operative; James (our surgeon) suffered with stuck of fish bone during dinner yesterday. Both of our wheelchair team completed their official work today and everyone are extremely tired as they are slowing down today, their feel of exhaustion. Though we have some tough time, our LORD still empowering us to serve the needy, we are 100% this is God's calling to all of us to serve. Prayer points: 1. Praise the Lord for HIS care, empowering us continue to serve. It is all God's mercy upon us to save us first, and allow us to serve in response to HIS mercy to the needy. 2. Continue to provide us with extra energy and heal our sick / unwell members. 3. Safety trip for some of our wheelchair team members return to Hong Kong tomorrow 4. Patients' recovery and protect them from complication 5. Thanksgiving to our LORD, He is our great and merciful loving LORD Thankyou for fighting with us on this spiritual battle!




7:16 若我所做的,是我所不愿意的,我就应承律法是善的。


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